Online Manual Handling Training Course Content

Introduction to Manual Handling
  1. Manual Handling Regulations
  2. Guidelines in Manual Handling
  3. How and Why we Lift Correctly
  4. Manager's Duties
Lifting Safety
  1. Fitness and Stretching
  2. Proper Nutrition
  3. Assessing Risks
  4. Assessing the Individual Move
  5. Your Spine
  6. Anatomy of an Injury
  7. When an Accident Occurs
  8. Slips, Trips, and Falls
  9. Workstation and VDU safety
Moving and Lifting Objects
  1. Intro to Box Lifting
  2. Single Person Lift
  3. Two Person Lifting
  4. Working Together
  5. Moving Unusual Objects
  6. Odd-Shaped Objects
  7. Pushing and Pulling
Lifting Aids
  1. Using Lifting Aids
  2. Motorised Lifting Aids
  3. Conveyor Belts
  4. Pallet Truck
  5. Sack Truck
  6. Trolley
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