Online Basic Infection Control Training Course Content

Introduction to Infection Control
  1. What are Blood Borne Pathogens?
  2. Infection Control Legislation
Types of Blood Borne Diseases
  1. HIV and AIDS
  2. Hepatitis B Virus
  3. Hepatitis C Virus
  4. Skin Diseases
  5. Other Viruses
Workplace Controls
  1. Cross Infection
  2. Reducing Risk
  3. Body Handling and Disposal
  4. Body Fluid Clearnup Procedures
  5. Hazardous Disposal Procedures
  6. Glove Removal and Disposal
  7. Hand Hygiene
  8. Basic Food Hygiene
  9. Exposure Incident
  10. Healthcare Professionals
  11. Clearn Technique Tattoos
  12. Safe Injection Practices
  13. Testing and Counselling
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