Online Level 1 Food Hygiene Awareness Training Course Content

  1. Relevant Legislation
Bacteriology and Food Poisoning
  1. Bacteria and how do they grow and affect us
  2. How we control their growth
  3. Food poisoning and its effect
  4. Types of infections
  5. Chemicals and foreign objects
  6. Natural plant foods and allergies
  1. Cross contamination
  2. Ways of preventing cross contamination
  3. Chopping board colours
  4. High risk foods
  5. Pest control
  6. Hot food display units
  7. Working at a bar
  8. Serving in a restaurant
  1. Hand washing and hand gels
  2. Protective clothing
  3. Reporting Illness
  4. First Aid Kits for food preparation
  5. How you need to act at work
Storage and Preservation
  1. Date marks
  2. Damaged food and record keeping
  3. Food Preservation Methods
  4. Heating, Refrigeration and Freezing
  5. Egg Precautions
  6. Dietary Requirements
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