Online Level 1 Fire Awareness Training Course Content

The Importance of Fire Safety
  1. The Law
  2. The Problem and How you Get Harmed
The Causes and Prevention
  1. The Fire Triangle
  2. Sources of Ignition
  3. Active and Passive Fire Spread
  4. Arson
  5. Fire Prevention
  6. Good House Keeping
  7. Training and Staff Awareness
  8. Dangers of Smoke
  9. Types of Fire Alarm
Fire Warden and the Fire Marshal
  1. The Fire Warden and Fire Marshal
  2. The Cost to Business
  3. How Fires Spread
  4. Personnel Records
  5. Fire Injuries
  6. Care Home Evacuation
Responce and Emergency Equipment
  1. Fire Equipment
  2. Calling the Fire Service
  3. Fire Extinguishers
  4. Breakdown of a Fire Extinguisher
  5. Fire Hoses
  6. Fire Alarm Systems
  7. Evacuating in an Emergency
  8. Fire Doors
  9. Fire Blankets
  10. Fire Warden Kits
  11. Appropriate Clothing
  12. Smoke Alarms in the Home
  13. Fire Proofing the Home
  14. Fireworks
Hazzards and Risk Assessment
  1. The Formal Risk Assessment
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