Online BLS, Basic Life Support Training Course Content

Introduction to First Aid
  1. Fears of First Aid
  2. Asking Permission to Help
  3. Scene Safety
  4. Chain of Survival
  5. ABCDs
  6. Initial Assessment
  7. Stop Think Act
  8. Barriers
  9. Face Shields
  10. Adult Bag Valve Mask
Choking Training
  1. Conscious and Unconscious Adult Choking
  2. Conscious and Unconscious Infant Choking
  3. How to deal with Conscious and Unconscious Child Choking
Cardiac Arrest
  1. Adult CPR for Healthcare Professionals
  2. Child CPR for Healthcare Professionals
  3. Infant CPR for Healthcare Professionals
  4. CPR Hand Over
  5. Compression Only CPR
  6. AED introduction
  7. Basic Oxygen use
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